“Let’s meet with the Hakka”

“Let’s meet with the Hakka,” a forum series launched in 2017 by the Miaoli Park, will return with talks by seven Hakka artists and performance group from this June through October in Miaoli.

This year, the forum series will invite Hakka professionals in theater, image, and creative creation to guide audiences to learn more about Hakka theater, culture, and art through speeches under the theme of “Hakka Image,” “Hakka Theater,” and “Hakka Innovation.”

On June 9, Lang Tsu-yun (郎祖筠), an actress, TV hostess, and theater director who has participated in numerous TV drama, theatrical productions, and films, will share her personal story as a Hakka descent as well as experiences in theater, TV and film industry.  

Next on July 14, the Shan Puppet Theater (山宛然客家布袋戲團), a theater troupe that dedicated to reviving Hakka language, music, and culture through glove puppet performance, will present traditional Hakka tea-picking opera to help audiences understand Hakka culture.

The Shan Puppet Theater is one of the few puppet theatre troupes in Taiwan that can perform in the Hakka dialect. It has not only expanded the audience for puppet theater, but also applies the Hakka language, music and culture to puppet theater. The Shan Puppet Theater performs the traditional Hakka three-character tea-picking opera, and hopes to travel through small towns across Taiwan to give performances, so as to immerse itself in community life and realize the possibility of being in a roaming theater that can go anywhere and everywhere.

Zhu Lu-hao (朱陸豪), a Golden Bell Award-winning performer who has over 50 years of experience in traditional Taiwanese opera, will share his experiences in theater on July 28.

Next on Aug. 4, Hakka actress Hsieh Chiung-hsuan (謝瓊煖) who has won the Golden Bell Award for best supporting female role, will offer insights into theater, TV, and film industry through her personal history.

Huang Wei-jie (黃瑋傑), a Hakka singer-songwriter who seeks to raise public awareness of social and environmental issues and pass on Hakka culture through music, will explore Hakka music and social issues with the audiences on Aug. 11.

Hakka writer, poet, and calligrapher Yeh Kuo-chu (葉國居) will share how he illustrates Hakka landscape and his own experience of growing up in Hakka villages through literary works on Sept. 8.

Wrapping up the forum series on Oct. 13, Hakka singer-songwriter Chen Yong-tao (陳永淘), who expresses his childhood nostalgia and humanitarian concerns through songs in Hakka language, will share his personal stories and music creations with the audiences.


“Let’s meet with the Hakka”

Date: June 9 – October 13, 2018
Venue: Miaoli Park
Address: No.6, Tongke S. Rd., Tongluo Township, Miaoli County 366, Taiwan (R.O.C.)
Website: Miaoli Park