History & Mission


The Hakka Affairs Council, officially established January 1, 2012, is a new agency resulting from the Executive Yuan’s structural reorganization. Its predecessor was the Council for Hakka Affairs, Executive Yuan, founded on June 14, 2001. The Council is the only central authority responsible for Hakka affairs in the world, and its mission is to revitalize Hakka language and culture, build a unifying Hakka identity promoting happiness, confidence and dignity, and become a global center for Hakka cultural research and exchange.

In order to catalyze the Hakka language revival and development, the Council re-structured two departments on January 18, 2021. The Department of Culture and Education is transformed into the Department of Language Development, undertaking the task of building Hakka language infrastructure and strengthening the ethnic language promotion. The Department of Communication and Marketing is re-organized as the Department of Art, Culture and Communication, dedicating to the development and marketing of Hakka cultural content industries.


To implement the President’s Hakka policies, the Council actively promotes the mainstreaming of the Hakka community, helps to build Hakka-friendly environments, strengthens Hakka language education and promotion, and increases the ethnic identity. To re-present and perpetuate Hakka culture, HAC cultivates the energy of the Hakka arts and culture community, collects valuable Hakka cultural assets, and builds Hakka ecological museums. Aiming to boost prosperity in Hakka settlements, the national-level Hakka 369 governance platform is constructed to bolster regional revitalization, encourage Hakka youth to return their hometowns for creating or finding job opportunities, and rebuild community capitals. To raise the international profile of Taiwan’s Hakka culture, the Council develops the Hakka communication system, enhances Hakka prestige, and promotes media cultural diversity.

Missions of the Hakka Affairs Council