Young Power Alliance
Lan Kai-han (藍凱瀚), who used to work in China, returned to his hometown Dahu Township, Miaoli County, with his wife Chang Shu-rong (張書榕) and in 2015 established the Grow Tree… More
Eco Homestays in Meinong
The Meinong District of Kaohsiung City is a well-known Hakka settlement in the Liudui area of southern Taiwan. In addition to the classic Hakka culture, the local area also has a… More
Awusao’s Restaurant
Awusao’s Restaurant is located on Sanwan Old Street in Miaoli County. Its chef Liu Hsue-ling (劉雪玲) participated in the "2020 Hakka Stir-fry Culinary Competition" and won second… More
Tongluo Kiln
With a history of more than 50 years, Tongluo Kiln was founded by Chang Hsin-hsiang (張信享) in 1967. Located in Miaoli’s Tongluo Township, it is the only traditional kiln that… More
Zeng Zhi-yuan Chocolate
Zeng Zhi-yuan (曾志元) took home four gold medals with a bar of 85% dark chocolate. Yet prior to this Zeng, from Neipu Township in Pingtung County, was but a layman in the world of… More
Feng Tsai String Instrument School in Hsinchu’s Emei
Located in Emei Township, Hsinchu County, Feng Tsai String Instrument School (風采製琴學校) is a rare business. Its founder, Yu Rong-hua (余榮華), is even more unusual. He is a musical… More
Malaysian Hakka Settlements (II)
In 2017, Taiwan’s Hakka pop musician and lead singer of DaBangNi Band (打幫你樂團), Liu A-chang (劉阿昌), went to several Hakka settlements in Malaysia as part of the Southbound Project… More
Pingtung’s Gemstone Village
Population imbalance is closely related to industrial decline. The crises of aging, declining birthrate, population exodus and industrial decline have played out in Dongpian… More
Reconstruction of Lu Zhu Nan Community in Miaoli
Surrounded by factories in the Miaoli Petrochemical Industrial Zone, Lu Zhu Nan (蘆竹湳) is the last community of the traditional Chinese courtyard house in northern Taiwan, but it… More
2020 National Hakka Stir-fry Culinary Competition
The global coronavirus pandemic has brought a universal decline in the business of Hakka restaurants and hit the Hakka food industry hard. In order to promote Hakka food culture… More