Yang Siou-heng Traditional Hakka Drama Troupe: preserver of Hakka cod ba hi
The founder of the Meinong-based Yang Siou-heng Traditional Hakka Drama Troupe is an expert in traditional Hakka ancient tunes, such as folk songs, mountain songs, and ballads.  More
UrbanCat: A new Hakka voice based on folk Jazz music
UrbanCat, different from typical Hakka bands, creates fresh and new urban folk songs based on acoustic guitars integrating with double bass and Jazz drums. Featuring a female… More
Gina’s Can Band
Founded in 2006, "Gina’s Can Band" appeared in the music industry as a creative musical group. Over the years, it has accumulated many creative works and a lot of performance… More
The New San-geu-tai Band
In 1997, Hakka singer Yen Chi-wen (顏志文) released a rarely seen all-purely Hakka composition album "Who's Singing Hakka Mountain Songs There?". It stirred up a discussion in the… More
HaChiKu Culture Troupe
In August 2019, HaChiKu Culture Troupe successfully served as a cultural ambassador, receiving the UNESCO-certified "Bleuniadur Ensemble" from France and taking it on a trip… More
Lo Sirong & Gomoteu: Original new Hakka ballads that are rich in literary value
Known for poetic songs and broad musical style, Lo Sirong & Gomoteu is a band that retains the unique feature of Taiwan’s Hakka ethnic group and embodies the diverse and… More
iColor: Listen to the innovative and varying Hakka-Pop
The band iColor is not only committed to preserving Hakka traditional culture, but also creating a contemporary Hakka music sensation. Its unrestricted and innovative music style… More
ZiXuan & Slow Train
Labeling itself as a Hakka band, ZiXuan & Slow Train shoulders the responsibility of promoting and passing down Hakka culture. They create their songs in the languages of Hakka… More
Chung Yun-hui Bayin Ensemble
About six decades ago in Kaohsiung’s Meinong, 16-year-olds Chung Yun-hui (鍾雲輝), Li Lai-tian (李來添), Tseng Mu-sen (曾木森), and Wu Chin-chang (吳勤昌) were self-taught musicians. Due to… More
Long Hsing Ger Puppet Show Troupe
Long Hsing Ger Puppet Show Troupe is dedicated to promoting the beauty of puppet shows – a distinctive forming art of Taiwanese culture – with innovative and unique performance… More