Shan Puppet Theater: A Group that Combines Hakka Folk Songs with Puppet Theater
The Shan Puppet Theater is one of the few puppet theatre troupes in the country that can perform in the Hakka language. It has not only expanded the audience for puppet theater,… More
Ju Meng Dance Troupe: pioneer of new Hakka dance
The Ju Meng Dance Troup is a team rooted in Hakka culture. It abandons common concepts of Hakka performing arts and innovates new Hakka dance art. Established for more than 20… More
Hung Ru Music Group
The Hsinchu Hung Ru Music Group was founded in 2002 by group leader Chuang Hung-ru (莊紅如) and a group of young people who love Hakka music and songs. Chuang is not only an expert… More
Misa x Underground Stream: Mosaic of Hakka music with diversified genres
Misa x Underground Stream won first prize in the Taiwan Music Composition and Songwriting Contest shortly after it was founded in August, 2010. The band members include Misa Wen… More
Rom Shing Hakka Opera Troupe
The Rom Shing Hakka Opera Troupe was established in 1987. Its founder is Cheng Rom-shing (鄭榮興), who is an opera music teacher and educator; a composer; and a researcher of folk… More
ZenKwun Band: a band that rocks with gods
Soon after being established in 2006, ZenKwun Band won the Hohaiyan Rock Festival’s Jury Prize. In 2009, it won the Top Prize in the YAMAHA Asian Beat Band Competition. In the… More
Jing Sheng Opera Troupe
The Jing Sheng Opera Troupe was established in 2003. Although the troupe was founded relatively late compared to other troupes, its members’ experience and professionalism are not… More
Abibai Live Band: a band that composes beautiful music for its homeland
“Abibai” was a well-known figure in Taichung City’s Shigang, Dongshi, Xinshe, and Heping areas in the 1950s and 1960s. It is said that “Abibai” refers to a lunatic woman More