Dahu Wineland Resort
In Taiwan, the place with the biggest strawberry planting area is Dahu Township, in Miaoli County, where more than 500 hectares of land are devoted to planting the fruit,… More
Lo Family Traditional School
In one of well-known Taiwanese documentary maker Chi Po-lin’s (齊柏林) aerial filmed documentaries, the green and lush rice stalks growing in the southern part of Guanxi Township in… More
Long Ying-zong Literary Museum
In Hsinchu County’s Beipu Township, visitors can find a century-old Japanese-style dormitory located not far away from the Beipu Elementary School. In 2020, this old dormitory was… More
Chiang A-Hsin Mansion
On the lively Beipu Old Street in Beipu town, Hsinchu, the county historical site "Chiang A-Hsin Mansion", a magnificent and elegant white building, stands amid the national… More
Li Teng-fang Mansion
The Li Teng-fang mansion, whose construction begun in 1860 and officially completed in 1864, is more than 150 years old. This traditional Sanheyuan (three-sided) building remains… More
Longtan Shengji Pavilion
The Shengji Pavilion, also called the Jingzi Pavilion or Xizi Pavilion, is a furnace tower expressly used for the burning of written and printed papers. The ancients held that a… More
Jin Guang Fu Hall
In 1835, Cantonese Jiang Hsiu-luan (姜秀鑾) and Fujianese Lin De-hsiu (林德修) and Chou Bang-zheng (周邦正) jointly established the Fujianese-Cantonese militia organization under the… More
Baozhong Yimin Temple
The Baozhong Yimin Temple in Xinpu Town, Hsinchu County is a center of spiritual belief for the Hakka people in Hsinchu and Taoyuan. It was originally a small temple used by four… More
Fanjiang Old Residence
Situated in Taoyuan’s Xinwu District, Fanjiang Old Residence, which was built with bricks of ancient tradition and culture, is a rare exemplar in the coastal Hakka settlement and… More
Ciao Sheng Sian Shih Temple
Located in the Dongshi District of Taichung City, central Taiwan, the Ciao Sheng Sian Shih Temple (巧聖仙師祖廟) is regarded as the earliest temple in Taiwan dedicated to the… More