Meinong Cultural and Creative Center
The Meinong Cultural and Creative Center is located in Meinong District of Kaohsiung City, at the intersection of the old street Yong’an Road and Zhongzheng Road. It was the place… More
Zhao’an Hakka Cultural Hall
Lunbei Township, Erlun Township and Xiluo Township of Yunlin County are the areas in Taiwan with the largest population of “Zhao’an Hakka” people. In order for the history,… More
Taiwan Hakka Museum
Located in Miaoli’s Tungluo Science Park, Taiwan Hakka Museum officially opened to the public on May 12, 2012. The museum serves as a global Hakka center for cultural exchange and… More
Rixin Tea Plantation
Situated in Miaoli County’s Toufen Township, Rixin Tea Plantation (日新茶園) is about one hundred years old. The fourth-generation owner Hsu Shih-wen (許時穩) has devoted himself to the… More
Fuyuan Tea Factory
After experiencing the rise and fall of Taiwan's tea production industry, the hundreds of tea factories established in Taoyuan City’s Longtan district during the heyday shut down… More
Tuniu Hakka Cultural Hall
The current site of the Tuniu Hakka Cultural Hall in Shigang District, Taichung City is the site of the Liu family house. The Liu family house was built by Liu Qi-cheng (劉啟成)… More
Dongshi Hakka Cultural Park
The Dongshi Hakka Cultural Park has a Hakka architectural style. The park’s museum houses Hakka cultural relics and holds occasional exhibitions under the themes of food,… More
New Tile House Hakka Cultural District
The New Tile House was originally established in 1805 when Sun Tan-gong (孫檀公), ancestor of the Lin family, followed Lin Sun-zhang (林孫漳) and Lin Xian-kun (林先坤), who were the… More
Liudui Hakka Cultural Park
Liudui Hakka Cultural Park is a venue established to showcase and promote Taiwan’s Hakka culture. Occupying around 30 hectares, the cultural park contains a natural grassland, a… More