Chuchien Cake
Hsinchu City’s Chuchien Cakes (竹塹餅) are popular among locals and tourists. However, few people know that they are actually developed from pork zongzi(meat dumplings wrapped in… More
Xiancao Chicken Soup
The black colored xiancao (also known as mesona) food products are processed from the mint-like herbaceous plant (scientific name Platostoma palustre). Although xiancao can be… More
Hakka wine-flavored chicken
In 2018, the first Hakka wine-flavored chicken (aka sesame oil chicken) cooking competition was held in Hsinchu County. It combined the local chicken farming industry with the… More
Fermented Tofu
Miaoli’s Hakka people typically refer to fermented tofu as "tofu syrup." Just like pickled vegetables, dried leafy mustards, dried radish, and pickled cucumbers, Hakka people, who… More
Mi Si Mu (Rice Sieve Noodles)
The Taiwanese term Mi Tai Mu (米苔目) is a transliteration of the Hakka name for rice sieve noodles Mi Si Mu (米篩目). To make this type of noodles, the Hakkas mix rice and sweet po More
Xinwu Goose Meat
There is a saying that “If you have not eaten Xinwu goose meat, you have not been to Xinwu.” On weekends, goose meat restaurants in Taoyuan’s Xinwu District are packed with… More
Red yeast pork buns, plum-flavored tomato sour cocktail drink and perilla pumpkin cake
This Hakka meal consists of a bun made with red yeast coupled with the classic Hakka salted pork, making it a different kind of Chinese-style hamburger. This meal also uses… More
Hakka Stir-Fry
Hakka stir-fry, one of Hakka signature dishes “Si Chao (四炒),” was invented by Hakka women. This dish is related to offerings of worship. Hakka people usually prepare three kinds… More
Hakka Pickled Vegetables
In the early days, Hakkas migrated to Taiwan and lived near mountainous areas. In order to easily carry and preserve food, they developed a long-term preservation method for dried… More
Hakka Radish Bun (vegetable bun)
When the Hakkas moved from southern China south to Taiwan, they encountered a difficult living environment. Therefore the Hakkas sought food that made them feel full and did not… More