The art of Hakka paper cutting
Paper-cutting artist Chiu Yu-yun (邱玉雲) is a Hoklo Taiwanese who was born in Hualien. In 1987, she moved to Linluo Township in Pingtung County from Taipei with her husband Hsu… More
Hakka Lion
The Hakka Lion is a performance art that combines elements such as theatre, martial arts, dance, and music. It is a rare form of lion dance performance in Taiwan, and is unique to… More
Hakka Art of Making Threaded Flowers
“Chanhua (纏花)” - wrapping colorful threads around pieces of paper to make flowers - was a very special folk craft in the early days of Taiwan. During the late Qing Dynasty and… More
Hakka Bamboo Weaving
In the early days, Taiwanese agricultural livelihood was relatively tough, with a lack of resources. Thus, the Hakka people got creative, and used materials they could easily… More
Hakka Blue Shirts
The “blue shirt,” also known as “long shirt” and “big cardigan,” is a traditional Hakka shirt on which the buttons do not run down the center, but extend from the m More
Special Exhibition of Coal Mines in Miaoli’s Hakka Villages
The Miaoli area is rich in coal resources and is one of the regions in Taiwan with abundant self-produced energy resources. During the 1950s and 1960s, when Taiwan's… More
Tea Industry in Hakka Villages – Oriental Beauty Tea
The majority of the Hakka people live in the mountains or in areas with barren and infertile land; therefore, most of the Hakka villagers grow tea. As an old Hakka saying goes,… More
Sewing with Love: A Special Exhibition of the Aesthetics of Hakka Textiles and Clothing
Hakka textile and clothing inherits the ethnic characteristics and life experiences of the Hakka people. More
Lacquer – A Sunset Industry Revived by Hsu Brothers
Lacquer has a history of thousands of years in China. Its production process is time-consuming and labor-intensive, and the product is good for practical use and can serve as an… More
Permanent Exhibition: A Leisurely Stroll through Beautiful Liudui
Around 1700, some Hakka people relocated themselves from the foothills to cultivate the densely forested Pingtung Plain. They settled down in this new land and have since taken… More