Hakka Crafts Transmission and Regional Revitalization Pilot Project
To show off Hakka culture, industry and lifestyle, and enhance the inheritance and development of Hakka industries, the Council promotes the Hakka Crafts Transmission and Regional… More
Certification of Hakka Language Proficiency
To incentivize the national study of the Hakka language, to raise the visibility of Hakka and to increase the common practice of speaking Hakka, the Council shall promote Hakka… More
Integrating Hakka Language into the 12-year National Education Curriculum
To incentivize schools at the time of School-decided Curriculum to take Hakka language as a foundation, to horizontally integrate cross-discipline courses and vertically to link… More
The Three-on-Three Hakka-Indigenous Mixed Youth Basketball Game
Looking back on the history of Taiwan, people can find that many Hakka settlements border indigenous areas. The interaction between the two ethnic groups sometimes unavoidably… More
Ethnic Mainstreaming Policy
Ethnic mainstreaming policy is based on the fact that government planning and national laws all need to take ethnic differences into account. Before policy is decided, analysis… More
Administrative Performance of 2019
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