Liu Shao-hsi: a singer who breaks stereotypes of Hakka music
Liu Shao-hsi is a Hakka from Taichung City’s Dongshi District. Since childhood, he has been exposed to classical music. He later became a music producer for the production and… More
Chiu Feng-jung: the driving force behind Hakka puppet theater
Chiu Feng-jung is a talented Hakka artist in the puppet theater industry. Since he first came in contact with puppet shows in 1996, he has brought Hakka traditional culture into… More
Ayugo Huang: a singer who brings Hakka music to the mainstream
Ayugo Huang is a Taiwanese music producer and singer-songwriter. He has been in the popular music circle for more than 20 years. Ayugo Huang sings Hakka folk songs and is flexible… More
Yen Chih-wen: the pioneer of Hakka music innovations
As the first musician in Taiwan to start Hakka music innovations, Yen Chih-wen used the method for composing modern jazz music to rearrange traditional Hakka music’s elements and… More
Wu Sheng-chih: the pioneer of contemporary Hakka pop music
Wu Sheng-chih is a singer and pop music creator. In the 1970s, he created a new possibility for Hakka music that was different from the past. This created a big echo on Hakka… More