Chung Chao-cheng: the author who launched Taiwan’s roman-fleuve
Chung Chao-cheng is a famous Taiwanese novelist. He enjoys equal popularity as Yeh Shi-tao (葉石濤), a contemporary literary writer in the Taiwanese literary world. The two authors… More
Xiao Ru-song: the interpreter of Hsinchu County
Xiao Ru-song was an important contemporary watercolor painter in the history of Taiwanese art. His artworks varied from Fauvism style, Cubist and Impressionist styles. Xiao… More
Chung Li-he: the writer who fought to keep writing until his final moments of life
Dubbed the “Father of Nativist Literature,” Chung Li-he was one of the most representative Hakka novelists in the history of Taiwan literature. His works, which encompass novels,… More
Long Ying-zong: pioneer of nativist literature in Japanese colonial era
Long Ying-zong was one of the most important writers of Hakka descent in the Japanese colonial Taiwan. His works, which encompassed novels, poetry, literary critic, and play,… More
Teng Yu-hsien: Father of Taiwanese ballads
Teng Yu-hsien was a Hakka composer who has created nearly 100 songs in his life. The classic masterpiece "Four, Moon, Hope, Rain" refers to the four Taiwanese language songs in… More
Wu Zhuo-liu: realist writer who straddles the period before and after Taiwan’s retrocession
Wu Zhuo-liu, whose real name was Wu Jian-tian, was a Hakka poet, novelist and reporter, who was famous for his novels such as “Orphan of Asia (亞細亞的孤兒).” Wu Zhuo-liu was a bridge… More