Hsu Mu-chen: master of traditional Hakka songs
Hsu Mu-chen is a Taiwanese Hakka folk art master. His rich life history and performance experience have left a valuable testimony to the folk music of Hakka traditional society.… More
Jiang Wen-ye: the first Taiwanese person to win a medal in the Olympics
Jiang Wen-ye was a Hakka composer, vocalist and teacher. His works contained a strong sense of his homeland Taiwan, religious sacred music and Chinese classical culture, setting… More
Chung Tie-min: lifelong guardian of farmers and Meinong
Chung Tie-min was a writer and activist who had dedicated his life to voicing his support for farmers through literature. He also played a leading role in the protest against the… More
Li Qiao: author who turned misery into energy for the advancement of life
Li Qiao is a representative writer of Hakka literature. Since his first novel, “The Wine Drinker’s Self Description (酒徒的自述),” was published in 1959, he has continued to create and… More
Tseng Hsien-chi: preservationist of Hakka Three-character Tea-picking Opera
A well-known performer in the Hakka opera world, Tseng Hsien-chi masters various roles, such as the clown, the painted face antagonists, and the elderly. He has integrated the… More
Lai Pi-hsia: leading preservationist of Hakka folk songs
Lai Pi-hsia was a famous female Hakka mountain song and folk song singer. She was proficient in the Hakka and Minnan dialects, as well as Japanese, and even knew a little Atayal… More
Lin Bing-huan: lifelong contributor to traditional Hakka performing arts
Acclaimed as the national treasure of Hakka performing artist, Lin Bing-huan was a representative figure of Hakka “Tsod’ Ba’ Hi^ (撮把戲),” a form of folk drama that is traditiona More
Du Pan Fang-ge: Hakka poet who crossed borders of language and culture
Du Pan Fang-ge was a poet who expressed the political oppression and social identity conflicts as a Hakka people under Japanese colonial rule through literary works written in… More
Chung Chao-cheng: the author who launched Taiwan’s roman-fleuve
Chung Chao-cheng is a famous Taiwanese novelist. He enjoys equal popularity as Yeh Shi-tao (葉石濤), a contemporary literary writer in the Taiwanese literary world. The two authors… More
Xiao Ru-song: the interpreter of Hsinchu County
Xiao Ru-song was an important contemporary watercolor painter in the history of Taiwanese art. His artworks varied from Fauvism style, Cubist and Impressionist styles. Xiao… More