Edward Yang: an important flag bearer of New Taiwan Cinema
Edward Yang was a representative director of New Taiwan Cinema movement, whose works had always been closely linked to his Taiwanese and Chinese cultures. At the same time, he was… More
Hou Hsiao-hsien: a leading figure in New Taiwan Cinema
Hou Hsiao-hsien is an important director of the New Taiwan Cinema best known for his use of long take, scenery shot, and fixed focuses in films. In 1983, his film "The Sandwich… More
Hsu Mu-chen: master of traditional Hakka songs
Hsu Mu-chen is a Taiwanese Hakka folk art master. His rich life history and performance experience have left a valuable testimony to the folk music of Hakka traditional society.… More
Jiang Wen-ye: the first Taiwanese person to win a medal in the Olympics
Jiang Wen-ye was a Hakka composer, vocalist and teacher. His works contained a strong sense of his homeland Taiwan, religious sacred music and Chinese classical culture, setting… More
Chung Tie-min: lifelong guardian of farmers and Meinong
Chung Tie-min was a writer and activist who had dedicated his life to voicing his support for farmers through literature. He also played a leading role in the protest against the… More
Li Qiao: author who turned misery into energy for the advancement of life
Li Qiao is a representative writer of Hakka literature. Since his first novel, “The Wine Drinker’s Self Description (酒徒的自述),” was published in 1959, he has continued to create and… More
Tseng Hsien-chi: preservationist of Hakka Three-character Tea-picking Opera
A well-known performer in the Hakka opera world, Tseng Hsien-chi masters various roles, such as the clown, the painted face antagonists, and the elderly. He has integrated the… More
Lai Pi-hsia: leading preservationist of Hakka folk songs
Lai Pi-hsia was a famous female Hakka mountain song and folk song singer. She was proficient in the Hakka and Minnan dialects, as well as Japanese, and even knew a little Atayal… More
Lin Bing-huan: lifelong contributor to traditional Hakka performing arts
Acclaimed as the national treasure of Hakka performing artist, Lin Bing-huan was a representative figure of Hakka “Tsod’ Ba’ Hi^ (撮把戲),” a form of folk drama that is traditiona More
Du Pan Fang-ge: Hakka poet who crossed borders of language and culture
Du Pan Fang-ge was a poet who expressed the political oppression and social identity conflicts as a Hakka people under Japanese colonial rule through literary works written in… More