Li Yu-fang: Female Hakka Poet
Born in Pingtung’s Liudui Hakka settlement, Li Yu-fang began to pen down the bits and pieces of her life ever since she started schooling at Neipu Junior High. She loved to write… More
Ho Chao-chu: the Distinguished Hakka Painter
Born in a Hakka Village in Qionglin Township, Hsinchu County in 1931, Ho Chao-chu is among the first generation of outstanding painters in Taiwan after World War II.  More
Hsieh Chi-chiung: the ‘Hard-neck’ Hakka Photographer
Hsieh Chi-chiung, born 1934 in Miaoli, lost his father to illness and was brought up by his grandfather and his mother. Times were hard for Hsieh growing up, but he was diligent… More
Lo Ching-shi: Hakka Three-Line Poet
Lo Ching-shi was born in 1933 at Guanxi Township, Hsinchu County in Taiwan. In 1937, his father established the Formosa Black Tea Company with Guanxi locals. The company focused… More
Chang Jie-ming: Hakka children's book writer
Born in Miaoli County’s Gongguan Township in 1956, Chang Jie-ming is a contemporary Hakka children's literature writer in Taiwan. His works reflect the Hakka people’s thoughts,… More
Chu Pan-hsiung: Hakka ceramic artist
Born in 1945, Dr. Chu Pan-hsiung is a Hakka from Kaohsiung’s Meinong District in southern Taiwan. He graduated from National Taiwan Academy of Arts -- now National Taiwan… More
Deng Nan-guang: Pioneer of Hakka Photography
Deng Nan-guang, real name Deng Teng-hui, was born in Beipu, Hsinchu County in 1907. He went to Japan for his senior high school and university education when he was 17.  More
Lai Ren-jen: Hakka Mountain Song Master
Born in 1954, Lai Ren-jen grew up in Tongluo Township, Miaoli County. During his youth, the elders around him were all Hakka mountain song singers, so he naturally learned a lot… More
Lee Wan-tang: A Hakka cultural envoy to Spain
Lee Wan-tang was born in Zhongli, Taoyuan in 1954. As a child, he discovered that he had a talent for languages and was very interested in foreign languages. However, he could… More
Yang Cheng-nan: Hakka dictionary editor
Yang Cheng-nan, one of the winners of the Hakka Contribution Award in 2019, is a pioneer in the study of Hakka language who is well versed in sinology. Joining Chung Yuan Weekly… More