Chu Jen-yih: A physician who promotes Hakka affairs
Chu Jen-yih is a native of Xinpu Township, Hsinchu County. Chu is a well-known pediatrician as well as a medical professor who has been highly commended for his work in the field… More
Yeh Ri-song: pioneer in the creation of Hakka poetry
Since childhood, Yeh Ri-song has had a strong interest in literature. Yeh often wrote poems and submitted them to major newspapers. The newspapers frequently accepted his poetry,… More
Lin Sheng-xiang: a Hakka folk singer who tries to change the world with his music
Lin Sheng-xiang was born in Kaohsiung’s Meinong in 1971 and grew up in that Hakka town. Whenever he recalls his childhood, fresh in his mind is a warm picture of his family sittin More
Wen Tsai-tang: An Expert of Promoting Hakka Culture
Wen Tsai-tang was born in a poor family in a Hakka village in Miaoli. When he was young, he accepted the help of his teacher Chang Shao-chie (張紹杰) so he could continue his study.… More
Ou Li-zu: Hakka Spiritual Leader of Nantou
On December 5, 1935, Ou Li-zu was born in Yuchi Township, Nantou County. Ou’s parents were originally Hakkas from Miaoli County. They moved to Nantou before he was born. At the… More
Liu Xing-qin: a cartoonist with many novel ideas
Liu Xing-qin, born in Hsinchu County in 1934, is a Taiwanese cartoonist who is considered a national treasure. In the early 1950s, Taiwanese primary school students loved to read… More
Liou Shaw-lu: a dancer who dances to the last moment
Born in 1949 in Zhudong Township, Hsinchu County, Liou Shaw-lu grew up in a farming family. In 1968, he entered the Physical Education Department of National Taiwan Normal… More
Huang Jung-lo: Top Researcher of Taiwan’s Hakka History and Culture
Huang Jung-lo was born in Miaoli’s Nanzhuang in 1926. In 1945, Huang graduated from Taoyuan Agricultural Vocational High School. He had served as a teacher of the school, in the… More
Chou Hui-tan: a dancer who dances Hakka stories
Chou Hui-tan, a Hakka dancer who was a student of Taiwan's modern dance pioneer Tsai Rui-yue (蔡瑞月), has been engaged in dance creation and teaching for decades. She has not only… More
Huang Juan: novelist who helps unite Hakka in Taiwan and overseas
Huang Rui-juan, usually known as Huang Juan, is an expat writer best famous for her novels about lives of the Hakkas in Taiwan and overseas. As a Hakka, she promotes Hakka affairs… More