Yeh Chu-lan: Tradition and innovation expand Hakka culture
Taiwan Hakka Cultural Festival – Meinung Glory 2003 kicks off on October 26, 2003. Yeh Chu-lan, chairperson of Council for Hakka Affairs (CHA) indicated in a press conference that… More
2003 Taiwan Hakka Cultural Festival kicks off
2003 Taiwan Hakka Cultural Festival – Pingtung Plain Hakka Cultural Tour: Date: October 25, 2003 – November 16, 2003 (every Saturday and Sunday) Dates, Activities, Locations, and… More
2003 Hakka Culture and Arts Festival
Experience the new Hakka Culture, See the new Hakka Image Programs:Love on Tea Mountain: A Night of MusicSunday, October 26 at 7:30 pmJung Jeng Auditorium of Jung Shan… More
The finest Hakka culture is in Meinung
2003 Taiwan Hakka Cultural Festival – Meinung Glory highlights the finest part of Hakka culture. The festival showcases Hakka fashion combining Hakka elements with… More
Nanchuan Harvest Opera opens Taiwan Hakka Cultural Festival
Hsin Yuan Kuan Troupe performed Hakka Harvest Opera in Nanchuan Village Miaoli County on October 20 opened Taiwan Hakka Cultural Festival. Held in 16 counties and cities, 44… More
Chen urges caution on test language
President Chen Shui-bian (陳水扁) yesterday highlighted the government's efforts to preserve and promote the plurality of Taiwan's languages and cultures. He said, however, such… More
2003 Taipei Yimin Festival raises curtain
The 2003 Taipei Yimin Festival was held at the Municipal Stadium on August 9-11. This was the 15th consecutive year that the celebration was held in this capital city. However, it… More
Fukienese Hakka Cultural Festival makes debut
A news conference for the "Fukienese Hakka Cultural Festival," jointly given by Yeh Chu-lan, chairperson of the Council for Hakka Affairs, Weng Chin-chu, chief of the Changhwa… More
Hakka celebration kicks off
The annual Taipei Hakka Memorial Ceremony was held yesterday morning at Taipei Stadium to commemorate the Hakka people who died in civil war clashes during the 18th century, under… More
President hails first Hakka TV station as medium to protect nation's culture
President Chen Shui-bian (陳水扁) yesterday called on millions of Hakkas in Taiwan to learn their language, preserve their own culture, and promote their value concepts in order to… More