Bicycle tour of Hakka architecture highlights Jhanghua Fulao Culture Festival
The Jhanghua Fulao Culture Festival kicked off yesterday in Yongjing Township. Festival activities include a bicycle tour of cultural sites, a variety of performances and a Hakka… More
Luo Wenjia Visits Hakka Land to Promote Local Industries
Both yesterday and today Luo Wenjia has visited the Hakka townships of Zhutian, Wanluan and Neipu in Pingdong County. He was briefed on the follow-up plans for the “railway… More
Announcement of Accepted Students to the First Hakka Delicacy Talent Program
Hung Kwang University has completed the written and oral tests for the first session of the Hakka delicacy talent program delegated by CHA in 2004. The thirty people accepted will… More
Minister Luo Demonstrated His Cooking Skill for the First time at the Fujianized Hakka Cultural Festival Press Conference – Fujian and Hakka Food Are Equaly Tasty
The “2004 Fujianized Hakka Cultural Festival” began today under the sponsorship of CHA and five counties. In order to enhance harmony between ethnic groups and identification with… More
Purification of Emei Lake Atao awaits the water to become clear
Hakka minstrel Chen Yongtao quit singing temporarily to devote to the improvement of the water in Emei Lake by using aquariums and aquatic plants. During the rainy season in… More
Meinong Yellow Butterfly Festival The Rite Took Place on the 18th
The Ninth Meinong Yellow Butterfly Festival started on the 17th and lasted two days. All local school children attended. The sponsor specially organized many activities including… More
CHA to Assume Role Similar to Advertising Company to Promote Hakka Industries
At the “Advisory Plan for Creativity and Cultivation for Hakka Affairs” Seminar on the 15th CHA head Luo Wenjia disclosed that in the future CHA would play the role similar to… More
Zhang Jieming – Creativity on the Move Hakka Prose Collection Published
Learn Hakka words with the whole family. Make your RV the best mobile study. The new book “The Little Hakka Mouse and Peanuts” will be released Saturday. Miao-li born Zhang… More
Council for Hakka Affairs Promised Subsidies To Rescue Xinzhu County Cultural Relics.
Council for Hakka Affairs (CHA) Minister Luo Wenjia revisited Xinzhu County on Jul.2 and called on County Magistrate Zheng Yongjin. Luo expressed the maintenance of the Jiang… More
Jung Chao-Cheng donated manuscripts and stationery to the Cultural Affairs Bureau of Taoyuan County
Jung Chao-Cheng, a respected elder in the Hakka Group, is also a famous writer in Lung-Tan Hsiang. The Cultural Affairs Bueau of Taoyuan County has arranged designated space to… More