Meet the 2019 Hakka Contribution Awards winners
The Hakka Affairs Council (HAC) announced the winners of the 8th Hakka Contribution Awards at a press conference on June 27. The biennial award is presented to recognize… More
Hakka Cuisine Touring Workshop stops by Denver
In partnership with the Overseas Community Affairs Council, the Colorado Taiwanese Hakka Association, and the Taipei Economic and Cultural Office in Denver, the Hakka Affairs… More
Red Dates Festival
Red dates, which can be hardly found elsewhere in Taiwan, are an exclusiveagricultural specialty in Miaoli’s Gongguan Township. Every summer is the peak period for harvesting red… More
Hakka Cuisine Touring Workshop kicks off in Houston, Denver
In cooperation with the Overseas Community Affairs Council, the Hakka Affairs Council has launched the “2019-2020 Hakka Cuisine Touring Workshop (海外客家行動灶下)” program for promoting… More
Hakka novel promoted at Madrid Book Fair
Lee Wan-tang (黎萬棠), president of the Hakka Association of Taiwan in Spain; and Consuelo Marco Martínez, professor of Complutense University of Madrid (UCM, Universidad Complutense… More
Hakka association celebrates Dragon Boat Festival in Brisbane
The 2019 Multicultural and Dragon Boat Festival took place on June 2 to celebrate its namesake holiday at Forest Lake in Brisbane, Australia. A total of 19 Taiwanese and… More
Taiwanese Hakka Association of Toronto celebrates Dragon Boat Festival
Taiwanese Hakka Association of Toronto (THAT) celebrated the Dragon Boat Festival at the Culture Centre of Taipei Economic and Cultural Office (TECO) in Toronto on June 1. More
Register for the 2019 Liudui Marathon in Taiwan today
Hakka Affairs Council Minister Lee Yung-de attended a press conference on the 2019 Liudui Hakka-themed marathon in Taipei on June 14. Minister Lee stated that he extends a sincere… More
Traditional graduation ceremony held for Hakka students
Taiwan Hakka Culture Development Center held the fourth Hakka coming-of-age ceremony at Taiwan Hakka Museum in Miaoli on June 10. The ceremony celebrates the elementary school… More
Exhibition of 2019 Art Hakka
The traveling exhibition of 2019 Art Hakka is taking place from May 17 to June 6 in Taipei, and it will continue to be staged from June 14 to 27 in Miaoli, and from July 3 to 29… More