Hakka documentary coming soon to Taiwan next year
Filmed in a Hakka settlement by director Yang Li-chou (楊力州), a documentary titled “Love Without Clutching, Leave Without Guilt (愛別離苦)” was screened at Longtan Branch Taoyuan Publ More
HAC cultivates professional interpreters to build Hakka-friendly environment
A ceremony was held in Taipei on Dec. 16 to mark the completion of the preliminary training program for Hakka-English/Hakka-Hoklo (also known as Taiwanese Hokkien or Taigi)… More
Orchestra concert conveys spirit of Hakka music
An orchestra concert featuring Hakka-themed music performed by Philharmonia Moments Musicaux (PMM, 樂興之時管絃樂團) was held at Taiwan Traditional Theatre Center on Dec. 15, part of the… More
Traditional Hakka music presented in Taiwan music festival
The 2020 Taiwan Hakka Music Festival is taking place in December. To raise the profile of traditional Hakka music, Hakka Affairs Council (HAC) Minister Yiong Con-ziin attended one… More
Hsinchu’s Hakka ancestral hall renovated to pass on cultural heritage to future generation
Hakka Affairs Council (HAC) Minister Yiong Con-ziin attended the opening ceremony of the Chang Family Ancestral Hall in Hsinchu’s Xinpu Township (新埔鎮) on Dec. 12. The ancestral… More
Hakka music festival impresses Taiwan in last month of 2020
To promote Hakka musical heritage, the Hakka Affairs Council (HAC) has organized the Taiwan Hakka Music Festival since 2019. Its second edition is taking place across the country… More
HAC deputy minister visits Miaoli for Hakka regional revitalization
Hakka Affairs Council (HAC) Deputy Minister Chung Kung-chao (鍾孔炤) attended a result presentation of the “Youth Helping Hand (後生添手團)”program in Miaoli’s Dahu Township on Dec. 10 More
Hakka novella and music to comfort seniors with dementia
The National Museum of Taiwan Literature (NMTL) announced on Dec. 6 that it will provide community resource boxes containing literary and music materials to help the seniors with… More
Hakka music festival to thrill Taiwan with songs and melodies
To promote Hakka musical heritage, the Hakka Affairs Council (HAC) is organizing the Taiwan Hakka Music Festival, which will be taking place across the country from Dec. 12, 2020… More
Hakka culinary competition to kick off across Taiwan
The Hakka Affairs Council (HAC) is organizing the National Hakka Stir-fry Culinary Competition that will take place from Dec. 19, 2020 through Jan. 16, 2021 in Hakka villages… More